Knowledge Section

Finding out the things you need to know.


EconoLux Industries is pleased to provide the following knowledge section which has both information about agricultural lighting in general, as well as some information on our products.

What Light do Plants Need?   Information about the photosensitive pigments in plants, the PAR curve, the McCree curve, PPFD, DLI, and other things you need to know to insure your plants are getting enough of the correct light to maximize growth.
Tech Terms Explained   Unsure about regular Vs. PPFD spectrum? How grow-light output is measured? PPFD Vs YPFD? other horticultural lighting jargon? Here is where you will get the answers.
Case Studies   This is the section with photos and reports on various test-grows with EconoLux LED Plant/Grow lighting Products.
EconoLux FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions about grow lights and EconoLux's line of premium LED Plant/Grow Lighting
EconoLux YouTube Channel The EconoLux YouTube channel has interesting and informative videos about our products and technology, along with video about horticulture in general, for your edification and entertainment.