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Our Distributors

EconoLux Industries Ltd. is dedicated to serving your needs for scientifically designed, energy saving, Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lighting, with high PPFD/PAR output, and a close match to natural sunlight. We make real Full Spectrum Grow Lights with a close match to Natural Sunlight. We have standard models, semi-custom models, or our OEM department can creates any format and spectrum you desire as your own brand of LED grow-lights.

EconoLux products are distributed and sold through an international network of trained, authorized, distributors and re-sellers who are ready to provide you with local technical and product support. To locate the Distributor nearest you, please click on the links below:

7 Easey St., Collingwood, VIC 3065    Tel: 03-8609-1245
Email: info{at}innolight {dot} com {dot}au   -   innolight.com.au/growlights/

China, Macau, Hong Kong Flags You can Contact Us at the factory for any product sales in the Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong or Macau
On-Line, EconoLux Energized Hong Kong agent serving the grow-op market with ELPL plant/grow light products, accessories, and resources - grolights{at}cannamedsgro{dot}com