ARANHATM Grow-lights

Ideal for all types of growing applications - vertical farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, shelf & soil growing.

ARANHA-670TM and ARANHA-1,000TM LED Grow-lights

Give your plants the light they need with the ARANHA series of high power top-light and side-light LED grow-lights.

ARANHA-670 watt LED Grow-Light

ELPL-ARANHA Series LED Grow Lights are EconoLux's version of the popular 'ladder' style of  LED Grow-lights, but with improved PAR/PPFD output, improved efficiency, and lower cost.  The ARANHATM series of LED Grow Lights, are ideal for all types of growing applications including vertical farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, shelf growing, and soil cultivation where high power, compact height, LED grow lights, with high PAR/PPFD are needed.
The ARANHATM series comes equipped with 0~10V dimming built in.


The ARANHATM LED Grow light series have been tested in various greenhouses where they produced better crops in less time than competing typical blue/red/pink LED grow-lights, and HPS Lights. This is due to their improved spectrum that has a 70% match to the McCree curve (ELFS spectrum), and a high efficiency of 2.6 µmoles/J - similar competing lights usually have only a 66% match to the McCree curve and efficiencies of 2.4  µmoles/J (or less).  The ARANHA series also included 0 to 10 V diming so that you can adjust the light (PAR/PPFD) levels to suit your plant's needs (see What Light Do Plants Need?)

Plants growing under ARANHA lights



► 670 Watt or 1,000 Watt models
► PAR/PPFD = ARANHA-670 1,742 µmoles/s - ARANHA-1000 2,600 µmoles/s - 2.6 µmoles/J efficiency
► ARANHA-670 can replace a 1,000W HPS lamp and the ARANHA-1000 can replace 1,500W of HPS lamps
► Power savings of 39% compared to HPS lamps - maximize energy savings
► Spectrum choices: ELFS - Modified "white light full spectrum" and ELMR - Closer match to the McCree curve
► De-rated LED array for extended lifespan of 50,000 to 55,000 hours
► 3 year warrantee
► High efficiency SMT LEDs with proprietary phosphors
► Beam angle of 120 degrees gives smooth coverage over a larger area
► Passive convection cooling - NO noisy fans that require maintenance
► IP65 rated (waterproof) light fixture - Ideal for use in damp/humid greenhouses
► Corrosion resistant aircraft aluminum construction
► Universal power input of 100~270 VAC, 50/60Hz - can operate almost anywhere in the world
► RoHS, CE & ETL approved, IP65 (waterproof drivers - Fixture is ETL listed)
► Built in 0~10 Volt dimming included - set the light level your plants need
► Housing colours can be customized depending on quantity ordered
► Your brand-name and model number can be printed onto the lights with MOQ 50 pieces

ARANHA Series Certifications

ARAHNA-670 LED Grow-light     ARANHA-1000 LED Grow-light

ARANHA series ELFS PPFD Spectrum

The ARANHA-670 and ARANHA-1000 lights are available with a standard ELFS spectrum which is based on the popular modified 'White Light', good enough full spectrum, with output throughout the PAR range from 400nm to 750nm. This spectrum has a good balance between the ideal spectrum (the McCree curve) and the cost of the lights, with a 70% match to the McCree curve. It is suitable for use with all kinds of plants, including flowering plants.

ARANHA series ELMR PPFD Spectrum The ARANHA-670 and ARANHA-1000 LED grow-lights will also be available with a spectrum that has a closer match to the McCree curve (80% to 85%). The McCree curve is the spectral curve that scientists have determined is the best for growing a variety of crop plants. The extra UV and blue light provided in the ELMR spectrum is ideal for growing micro-greens or leafy green plants such as lettuce, kale, arugula, etc., and for cloning and germination of all types of plants.
NOTE: The PPFD spectra are shown above as these give a more accurate representation of how plants "see" light, rather then the standard (human eye) spectrum shown by most vendors.



The ARAAHA-670 and ARANHA-1000 LED grow lights utilize the latest in high-efficiency SMT LEDs to maximise PAR/PPFD output. There are more LEDs than needed, that gives us the opportunity to de-rate the array, which extends the lifespan of the LEDs - we offer a 3 year warrantee.
The ARANHATM Series are built with the most advanced, proprietary, LED technology to insure maximum PAR/PPFD output, wide beam-spread of 120 degrees, even lighting, long service life, and maximum energy savings.

ARANHA series LED Array
ARANHA series showing heat-sink

The housings of the ARANHATM series LED lights are carefully designed with a large heat-sink area on the back for effective passive cooling - this means no noisy, high maintenance, fans. With an IP-65 water and dust proof rating, they are ideal for use in the high humidity conditions found in greenhouses.
The ARANHA-670TM and ARANHA-1000TM are equipped with built-in RoHS/CE/ETL approved, IP65, LED drivers which feature universal power input of 100VAC to 270VAC, 50/60 Hz - they can operate almost anywhere in the world.


The ARANHATM series LED grow lights can save energy costs compared to conventional grow lights, while increasing crop yields. The ARANHA-670TM can replace a 1,000W HPS lamp and the ARANHA-1000TM can replace 1,500W of HPS lamps - a 39% power saving! All while saving time and money on maintenance as the annual bulb changes required by typical conventional lights is not needed anymore since the LEDs will last 50,000 to 55,000 hours.
The ARANHATM series includes built in dimming, controlled by the most usual/standard 0~10V input, so that you can give your plants the light they need, or fade-in and fade-out the lights to simulate sunrise and sunset light levels.



 The ARANHATM LED grow lights are available in two models depending on the desired output power (PAR/PPFD) - 670 Watts or 1,000 Watts.

ARANHA Series LED grow light dimensions

DIMENSIONS (both models):
106.7cm [42.0in ] long, 100.3cm [39.5in] wide, and 2.85cm [1.12in] high - 12.9cm [5.0in] high.

12.9Kg (28.35Lbs)
      ARANHA-1000TM 18.2Kg (39.7lbs)


*PPFD: Lighting for plants is different from lighting for humans. Light energy for humans is measured in lumens, with light falling onto a surface measured as illuminance with units of lux (lumens per square meter) or foot-candles (lumens per square foot). Light energy for plants on the other hand, is measured as photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR), with light falling onto a surface measured as photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD). Lumens are for humans - PPFD/PAR are for plants!  

Model & McCree Curve Match Wattage Output PPF Efficiency Beam-Spread
ARANHA-670-ELFS - 70% 670 Watts 1,742 µmoles/s 2.6 µmoles/J 120°
ARANHA-1000-ELFS - 70% 1,000 Watts 2,600 µmoles/s

Based on prototypes - specifications subject to change due to continuous product improvement

The spectrum of the ARANHATM Series of LED Grow-lights can be modified/customized to suit your needs (subject to MOQ).
series can also be customized with your logo, brand-name, and model name/number (subject to MOQ).

DOWNLOAD - ELPL-ARANHA Series TM LED Grow-Light Info Sheet - Jan 2019.pdf