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EconoLux Industries Ltd. is dedicated to serving your needs for scientifically designed, energy saving, Plant/Grow/Hydroponics lighting, with high PPFD/PAR output, and a close match to natural sunlight. We make real Full Spectrum Grow Lights with a close match to Natural Sunlight. We have standard models, semi-custom models, or our OEM department can creates any format and spectrum you desire as your own brand of LED grow-lights.

EconoLux LED grow-lights offers you high-tech, low heat, long life-span, energy efficient, LED plant growing lights.  EconoLux Industries' lights have a superior spectrum, and we can customize the spectrum to accommodate the needs of any plant type.  Years of research, and proprietary phosphor technology has gone into providing real full-spectrum (from 380nm to 750nm) light output.  In many cases, EconoLux lights have the closest match to natural sunlight so they are perfect for your plants. EconoLux was the world's first horticultural lighting company to offer grow-light wit a 90% match to the McCree curve.

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