EconoLux OEM and White Label Services

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EconoLux Industries Limited can provide you with OEM services where we can make your lighting products according to your design and specifications.  We can also provide White label services, where we make our standard lighting products, but with your logo, model number, and/or brand name.

We also provide products sourcing services, where we locate the product you need, and arrange to have it make under your model number, brand-name, and/or with your logo.

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OEM Services

EconoLux industries Limited can manufacturer your LED lighting products, according to your specifications and requirements, and using your branding, from start to finish. We have the staff, equipment and experience to undertake volume production of the products you need at competitive prices.  Send us your designs and a request for quotation and we can provide you with further information.


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White Label Services

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We manufacture a large number of white light LED lighting products, many of these are in our catalogues, but we also make special versions for some clients; WE can make these products for you, with the same high quality and specifications, but with your branding and/or logo, and model numbers printed onto them, and onto the packaging.

This way you can have your own branded line of LED lighting products, but without having to undertake the R&D work, design for manufacturing, and production preparation usually required to launch a product.

You should contact us for white labels services only if you need a quantity of 100 pieces (or more) of lighting products.

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Product Sourcing

If you have a need for a specific product with certain specifications or certifications, we can locate the factories in China that can make exactly the product you need.  With more the 10 years of experience manufacturing in China, and a native Mandarin speaking engineer on staff, we are ideally positioned to assist you with sourcing your products.

We will do the factory inspection, check on product quality, arrange to send you samples, arrange for your logo and branding of the product with your name, supervise production and do random quality checks.  We can even arrange for the logistics, shipping, and export paperwork. You deal directly with the factory and pay them directly for the products, we charge a fee for our work in doing the sourcing, production supervision and making the arrangements for your version of the product.


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