EconoLux Energized Program

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EconoLux Industries Limited is pleased to present our "EconoLux Energized" program for OEMs and makers of Plant/Grow Lights. These makers can now purchase large quantities of our exceptional ELPL-COB-PAR Light-engines, with a 90~95% match to the PAR curve, or our VXS, BMC or McC LED Grow/Plant light COBs with close matches to the McCree Curve, at discounted prices.

The program is similar to the ones offered by CPU makers, where there is a sticker on the outside of the laptop or desktop computer, that states the brand of CPU (e.g. 'Intel Inside').

The EconoLux Energized program allows the makers of LED plant/grow-lights to inform their customers that they are getting LED COBs with the best possible spectrum, and a close match to the PAR or McCree curves for their plants to thrive with improved harvests.

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How It Works

In return for purchasing larger quantities of our ELPL-COB Light-engines (MOQ 50 pieces), and displaying the "EconoLux Energized" logo on the product, and in the associated advertising and web pages, OEMs and makers get a significant discount on the ELPL-COB Light-engines.

◊ You are selling the products incorporating our ELPL-COB light-engines, under your your own brand name - these are your products, we are simply supplying the best agricultural COBs in the world for use in your products.

◊ The logo to be displayed look like this (colour logo for literature and web pages on the left; monochrome Logo for imprinting onto the product on the right :

"EconoLux Energized" Logos

◊ The logos imprinted onto the the products should measure between 26mm and 30mm across, and should be displayed in the area along with your brand name and the product model number, and any other relevant information you would usually display on your product (EG: input voltage, wattages, approval logos, etc.). We can assist you in arranging the artwork.

◊ In return for purchasing large quantities of our ELPL-COB LED Plant/Grow light-engines, and displaying the EconoLux Energized logo, we provide makers with significant discounts on the price of the COBs.

◊ EconoLux also provides technical support for integrating our ELPL-COB light-engines into your product.

◊ The maker must also sign an agreement with us that they will not attempt to clone, copy, reverse engineer or make derivative works of our ELPL-COB light-engine products.

◊ EconoLux will also license the maker to use our spectrum diagrams/charts and any other relevant materials for the makers own brand of promotional materials, and their website.

◊ EconoLux can also list the maker (with their permission) on our Distributors page, so that people can find their products which incorporate our ELPL-COB light-engines.


For further information on the EconoLux Energized program, please contact us.

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