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EconoLux Industries Limited supports experimenters and makers by providing you with a selection of our ELPL LED COB light-engines (Home Grow, Advanced Grow, and Professional Growing series), COB lenses, and LED drivers.  You can order these parts and make your own plant/grow lights using your own designs.

If you are a manufacture or builder of LED plant/grow lights, and wish to use our COB light-engines in your products, please see our EconoLux Energized page.

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ELPL-COB Light-engines

ELPL-COB Light-engines You have heard about our remarkable 24 band (wavelengths), ELPL-COB-PAR LED light engines, with a 90~95% match to the PAR curve, our ELPL-COB-BMC light engines with an 80% match to the McCree curve, and our entry level VXS full spectrum (390~750nm) COB light engines. Now you can buy these COB light-engines for use in making you own LED plant/grow lights.

These LED COB light-engines are the basis of our PRO-LED series and many of our other plant/grow light products. They produce the correct PAR or McCree spectrum for your plants to flourish and produce maximum yields.

The ELPL-COB-PAR series of LED Light-engines can also be operated in a "split" mode where the 60W of blue LEDs and the 40W of red LEDs can be driven by separate drivers (power supplies).  By using two drivers with dimmers, its possible to control the ratio of Blue to Red light.

ELPL-COB-100W Driver disgrams

More Information on the ELPL-COB Series of  Light-engines >

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COB Lenses

LED-COB Glass Lenses

COB lenses can focus and direct the light from the LED COB into the areas needed, to increase light intensity onto your plants. In most cases, using a COB lenses eliminates the need for a reflector, allowing you to build compact LED grow lights.

EconoLux offers only the finest quality, moulded and polished optical glass lenses with light transmission of 96% or higher.

Most of these COB lenses come with a silicone rubber seal allowing you to protect your COB against moisture and dust ingress. The lenses are available with the following beam angles:

◊ 60° angle - Narrow beam for greater fixture-to-plant distances
◊ 90° angle - Medium beam for closer fixture-to-plant distances
◊ 120° angle - Wide beam for close fixture-to-plant distances, or wide area coverage
◊ 60° X 120° angle - Longer than wider beam for closer fixture-to-plant distances, or rectangular area coverage


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LED COB Drivers (Power Supplies)

LED-COB Dimming Driver (Power Supply)

EconoLux can provide you with suitable CE/TUV/UL approved, IP-65 rated (waterproof), LED drivers both with and without dimming, for use with our ELPL-COB series of LED light engines.  This way, you can easily build your own grow/plant lights using our ELPL COB light engines.

The drivers have an AC input of 100~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; and a Constant current output of 36VDC at a suitable amperage for the COB you have selected. Dimming (brightness of the COB) is controlled by an attached multi-turn potentiometer. The Drivers are CE approved (UL and TUV approved drives are optionally available).

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