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EconoLux Industries registered Head Office (administration functions only) is located in the Kin On Commercial Building, Jervois Street, in the Sheun Wan district of central Hong Kong (on Hong Kong island). The beautiful city of Kong Kong is the largest financial and shipping hub in all of Asia, allowing you to take advantage of multiple shipping options to get our products to you as rapidly as possible.

Our sales and technical support office is in the Bao'an district of Shenzhen not far from Bao'an International Airport (SZX). It is conveniently located about half way between Hong Kong and our factory.

EconoLux has a manufacturing partnership agreement with GDTZ Photoelectric Co., Ltd. in Guangdong province of Southern China, in the Pearl River delta area. The factory is located in Dongguan, about half way between Shenzhen and Gougzhou, just over an hour's drive from Hong Kong, or a 45 minute drive from the Shenzhen Bao'an international airport. EconoLux maintains a production office on-site at the factory so that we can readily interface with the factory staff, supervise production runs, and do Quality Control testing.

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Head Office
(Administration Only)

Address: 7F, Kin On Commercial Building, 49-51 Jervois Street, Sheun Wan, Hong Kong, PRC.

Email: lighting {@} EconoLuxIndustries {dot} com

Phone (English only):  +86 185-7642-7529

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Sales, Technical Support and Factory

English Email: lighting {@} EconoLuxIndustries {dot} com

English and 中文 Email: china {@} EconoLuxIndustries {dot} com

Phone (English only):  +86.185.7642.7529

Phone (English and 中文):  +86.186.2168.9926

NOTE: We apologize for any inconvenience caused by obscuring our Email addresses, but we hope you understand that we would rather devote out time to answering your Email, than dealing with spam.

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Visiting Us

You are welcome to come and visit us and the EconoLux factory.  Please give us 2 to 3 weeks of prior notice so that we can arrange the schedule, and issue you with a "Letter of Invitation" (which you will need for your China Visa application).  We can also arrange transportation from the Shenzhen Bo'an airport, or any metro or railway station in Shenzhen, to and from our Factory.

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