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EconoLux Industries Limited is dedicated to bringing you technologically advanced, energy saving lighting products. This page allows you to download catalogues and data sheet for our most popular products. If you don't see what you need, please contact us.

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Plant/Grow Light Products


ELPL PRO-LED Series 200W, 400W and 600W, 24 Band, LED Grow Light

ELPL VS-2 Variable Spectrum LED Grow Light Catalogue CoverThe ELPL PRO-LED series is designed for professional greenhouse and other damp/humid locations. It has passive cooling (no fans) and is IP-65 Rated (waterproof).  The PRO-LED series offers high PPFD of from 6,860 to 1,715 (depending on the lamp wattage).

The PRO-LED series of grow lights is based on our ELPL-COB series light-engines.  This means that you can have a 90% ~ 95% match to the McCree curve or the PAR curve for the best growth yields.

The PRO-LED series comes standard with 45° lenses allowing it to be hung at a greater distance above the plants without loosing intensity - 60° and 90° degree lenses are optionally available. The PRO-LED series comes standard with CE/TUV approved drivers - UL approved drivers are optionally available.


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ELPL-COB Series LED Plant/Grow-light Engines

ELPL-COB-100W Series Light-engine Catalogue

The ELPL-COB series of Plant/Grow-light LED COB (Chip On Board) Light-engines are a world’s first, cutting edge, innovation. With a previously unheard of 24 bands (wavelengths) of LEDs, they provides a very close match to the McCree Curve or the PAR curve! They are presently available in three series:

◊ Home Grow (VFX Series) - Full spectrum (400~700nm) with a 70 to 75% match to the McCree Curve for general purpose growing

◊ Advanced Grow (BMC Series) - Extended Full Spectrum (390~750nm) with an 80% match to the McCree curve

◊ Professional Grow (PAR and McC Series) - Complete and full spectrum (380~750bn).  These COBs provide the closest match to the McCree or the PAR curve available (90 to 95%), and offer high PPFD. They are offered in our PRO-LED series of LED grow lights, and they are also available to hobbyists and to makers of LED plant/grow lights (as components), through our “EconoLux Energized” program.

ELPL-COB Series LED Grow Light-engines Catalogue >

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