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EconoLux Industries Ltd. is dedicated to bringing you the most technologically advanced, energy saving lighting products available today. Using the latest Research, production techniques and equipment, we offer a range of innovative lighting products, including our world's first LED COB plant/grow light engines with a close match to the McCree curve and the PAR curve.

EconoLux Industries has developed our own proprietary technologies and manufacturing processes.  We have a number of patents-pending in Induction Lighting and LED lighting technology.  We have implemented these patent-pending and trade-secret technologies to bring you innovative products which incorporate significant advances in operation and features.  Our "green", environmentally friendly, energy saving lights and fixtures, help reduce your "carbon footprint", and is one small way to help reduce the effects of global warming from greenhouse gasses (Co2).

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Michael Roberts BSc (R&D) - Chief Technology Officer

Michael Roberts inventor & EconoLux CTO

Michael Roberts is the Chief Technology Officer and "mad scientist" of EconoLux Industries. He was born of Canadian parents in the Republic of South Africa. He moved back to Canada, via a year in Europe, in his late teens to correct the situation. His father was an audio and electronics engineer and a radio amateur (ham). He influenced Michael's early interest in electronics and mechanical devices. In school Michael studied the regular subjects along with art, art history, classical and vocal music and was involved in his school AV club and theatre productions.

He found he was more interested in the lighting, sound and production aspects of the shows than performing.  He graduated from High School with an Oxford Matric, then later went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science (in R & D) from Canterbury University in the UK.  From a young age, Michael had been interested in the technical aspects of show production, especially lighting.  He had been involved in school stage productions, as well as amateur and little theatre productions on the stage crew, where he learned the basics of electricity, lighting control and production values.

Michael saw his first laser show at the Toronto planetarium in 1975 where he was inspired by a performance of Laserium, the pioneering laser light show.  The beauty of the images and the vibrant colours drew him back as he fell in love with the concept of drawing with light. Michael designed and built his own laser system and was the first in Canada to offer "have laser - will travel" services.  He has performed laser shows for major corporations, designed choreographed and performed laser and fireworks spectaculars, created movie special effects, toured internationally with renown rock bands, and even performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Michael Roberts ILDA award

He has won awards from ILDA (International Laser Display Association) and the Pangolin Prize for his laser animation artwork.  His award-winning works can be seen in a variety of locations around the globe.  Michael Roberts is the author of "Laser F/X: The Light Show Handbook", a 400+ page technical manual on laser displays which was published in 1996.  He has acted as a consultant and product designer to various laser system manufacturers and projects, including the anti-matter project at CERN, as well as providing marketing services for laser systems and related products.

Michael retired from the laser industry in 2003 when he became interested in renewable resources and "Green Technology".  He then became CTO of InduLux Technologies Inc., a Canadian R&D and Intellectual Property company where he conducted and managed research on UV water purifying equipment, and magnetic induction lighting technology.

Since induction lighting was not well known, Michael published a paper "The Science Behind Induction Lighting" which is now used by a number of companies in the field, and has been translated into a number of languages.  The diagrams in the paper have been widely copied and plagiarized by Chinese manufacturers.  In that paper, Michael proposed and quantified the concept of “Visually Effective Lumens” (VEL) as a way of adjust the lumen output of artificial lighting sources to more closely indicate the light levels as perceived by the human eye.  His early research work in induction lighting led to the founding of Canada's first inducting lighting company.

Michael Roberts HMA Innovative Product Award

In 2006, an induction lamp High-bay fixture Michael designed won the "Innovative Product Award" (new Product of the year) from the Huron Manufacturers Association. Also in 2006, Michael won the "Spirit of Success" Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Goderich and District Chamber of Commerce.

Michael was interested in the potential for Induction Lighting to provide energy savings in the agricultural sector.  Lights used for growing plants are predominantly Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium, thus they use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat.  Two years of R&D later, and Michael had invented the world's most energy efficient plant growing lights with a spectral output that has a close match to the PAR curve.  Michael founded EconoLux Industries to build and market the proprietary induction grow/plant lights.  He has recently transitioned his proprietary technology to T5HO plant/grow lamps, so that consumers can enjoy the benefits of a close match to the PAR curve at a lower cost.  He is presently researching high PAR LED plant-lights.

Michael Roberts - UV Patent

Michael Roberts is an inventor with two granted patents in UV water treatment technology.  He has also invented the world's first UVC induction lamp, which can be used for disinfection purposes, and the world's first LED COB plant/grow light engines' with a close match to the McCree curve and the PAR curve.  He presently has various patents pending on magnetic induction lighting technology, daylight harvesting technology, specialty and hybrid induction lighting fixtures, unique LED lighting products, fixed and variable spectrum LED plant/grow light technology, and other “green technology”.

Michael has provided lectures at number of educational establishments including the University of Waterloo in Canada, SENAI in Rio De Janeiro, and Fudan University in Shanghai.  In addition he has made presentation at energy efficiency, low carbon, and other conferences and seminars across Canada, and in the EU.

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Paul Safr - Applications and Technical Specialist

Paul Safr - EconoLux Technical Spechalist

Paul Safr is a Canadian who studied Biology and Engineering at University of Guelph.  Paul then moved to the U.S.A. to pursue commercial opportunities. While there, he worked in the greenhouse industry gaining first-hand knowledge of indoor growing and hydroponics.  After several years of working in the USA Paul moved back to Canada where he migrated to the IT sector.  He ran a successful multimedia studio working with video promotion production, large screen outdoor video displays, and the then emerging Internet, and he also illustrated covers for several international print magazines.

He also developed his skills as an illustrator, specializing in patent drawings and illustrations.  Paul later operated his own IT services company leveraging his knowledge of computers, operating systems and programming.  Paul has skills in computer hardware and software including website design, computer assembly, installation and repairs.  His IT company serviced a number of insurance firms, where he managed their servers and data access needs.

Paul Safr Patent

Paul developed his first patent (in his spare time), creating the original live-fire, tactical training round, that could fully function in a self-loading firearm.  Paul has since developed several related patents in the same field.  He sought opportunities in the USA and Canada in order to commercialize these products.  He worked hands-on with manufacturers and suppliers to bring these products to market.  His technology is still used today for the training of security, law enforcement officers, and the military.

This unique blend of hands on manufacturing experience, mixed with a practical biological knowledge and deep understanding of technology, has made him well suited as a solutions designer and technical sales representative for lighting, especially in the emerging medical cannabis sector.

As the founder and a principal of Marigold Lighting, Paul recently acted as designer and consultant for a large licensed greenhouse in California, U.S.A. There he installed EconoLux T5HO lamps, in bank switched arrays.  This allows the greenhouse to tailor the spectrum of the lighting to the growth phase of the plants, and to control the plants exposure to UV light, as needed.

Paul has been involved with EconoLux since its founding in 2011, providing his marketing expertise to the company, and occasional IT assistance.  In 2014, he took over as sales manager for EconoLux in the NAFTA (Canada, US and Mexico) market, focusing primarily on the commercial greenhouse market.  He has successfully connected with customers and sold many EconoLux products to several large projects.  Paul has successfully navigated the complexities of providing lighting technology to government licensed greenhouses, as well as privately owned greenhouse installations.

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Neo Yang BSc (Eng) - Engineering Director

Neo Yang EconoLux Engineering Director

Neo has a four year degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Kunming.  Before working with EconoLux, he had over two years of experience in the design, programming and maintenance of automated and robotic assembly equipment for a major Japanese LCD flat panel display manufacturer in Shanghai, China. His engineering experience covers Process Logic Control systems, optical path design and alignment of laser trimming units, servo motor systems and controllers, and other mechanical control system.

Neo Yang CSWP

For the last nine years, Neo has been working on Induction Lighting and LED projects and technology. Neo is proficient in AutoCAD and is a Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP). He creates and edits mechanical drawings and 3D models for EconoLux projects, as well as verifying designs and product specifications produced by the R&D department, and overseeing the engineering and design for manufacturing aspects of EconoLux products with our manufacturing partners.

Neo speaks fluent Mandarin and English, which allows him to readily communicate with our suppliers and our manufacturing partners for ordering, technical and process issues. He is also responsible for translating correspondence, research papers, and other materials for EconoLux.  Neo is a talented amateur photographer and also does much of the product photography for the company.

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Head Office

Hong Kong skyline - EconoLux Office

Our registered Head Office (administration functions only) is located in beautiful Hong Kong, in the Kin On Commercial Building, Jervois Street, in the Sheun Wan district of central Hong Kong.

Kong Kong is the largest financial and shipping hub in all of Asia allowing you to take advantage of multiple shipping options to get our products to you as rapidly as possible.  Our sales and technical support office is located in the Bao'an district of Shenzhen. It is conveniently located between Hong Kong and our factory.

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